Our Story

Our establishment's namesake is our beloved crazy little English Setter named Clyde. The logo sports his silhouette. Clyde acquired our family of four in 2012. He is best known for his ability to show off in the fields of Georgia and Alabama hunting quail. We can?t claim the expert training that Clyde received-- a good hunting buddy named Dale Morgan certainly deserves all that credit.


The dream of this finely established eatin' joint began when I grew tired of the corporate insurance life after 24 years. I've always enjoyed entertaining and cooking for many, so why not use all my resources to bring to Cleveland a much needed gathering place for good friends, great food, and fun times!



Ward Gann and family--  Ellen, Corinne, Lilly, Clyde and his furry friends: Beau Diddley, Skeeter, Pepper, Fern Elizabeth, and Peggy Cate